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Jamu Asli Kraton

JAMU is a heritage herbal drink consumes by the Javanese for more than 1,300 years since the early age of the Javanese Mataram Kingdom as daily supplements for both men and women of all ages.  Traditionally, JAMU has been used for body detoxication, rejuvenation and to treat many illnesses.


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Made using carefully researched ingredients, our product is formulated for everyone.

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Made using selected ingredients, mixed with optimized proportion

Key ingredients in KRATON ROYAL DRINK (JAMU ASLI) are all herbal-based products that include Curcuma Longa (Turmeric), Red Ginger, Black Pepper, Honey, Mango, Palm Nectar, Tamarind, Sinom, Acacia Fiber, and Iodized Salt. These ingredients have been effectively used for generations to provide the best class of Jamu quality. There are countless medical write-ups that have been published in various medical journals worldwide on the effectiveness of these ingredients as immune boosters, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, and other medical benefits

What People Say?

Waalaikumussalam. I am known as a person who dislikes Jamu, perhaps due to my past bad experience tasting it.....until recently after I tasted Jamu Kraton, for someone who never likes and will never likes Jamu, I changed my mind...the taste is not bad at all...the taste is just different, nice with mild sweetness...will definitely order again.…thanks.Plus I don't have the hunger feeling in the evening anymore.Will definitely recommend to my friends...


Hi SiS.Alhamdulillah this Jamu tastes good. My irregular period returned normal with smooth flow.One more thing, my appetite to over eating is now better control after consuming this Jamu.I really love it.



Waalaikumsalam.It tastes good and not difficult to swallow. More like herbalised fruit juice. My body feels fresh and I don't feel sleepy anymore in the afternoon. My appetite slows down and I hope it can help to reduce my weight.Its a good product with SIRIM endorsement.



Hi sis, I have repeated order 3 times, I really loves its taste, yummy! I feels healthy and rejuvenated.


In general I think Jamu Kraton is good and nutritious. It makes me more energetic and the feeling of lethargic is gone especially during late afternoon. My sexual drive improves as it seems that my blood circulation is much better now. On the taste, I am quite surprised that its not bitter at all...not even the pungent taste of turmeric and ginger. It's rather nice with thick juice feeling with kind of mixed taste of "Asam Boi" and mango. I like this herbal drinks!



Waalaikumsalam .. thanks to the founders for producing such a a nice Jamu.Alhamdulillah .. since consuming Jamu Kraton, my body feel energised and light...previously I was always lethargic. My stomach no longer bloated...also it tastes good with no bitterness, makes me want to drink more. I will continue consuming this Jamu as energy booster and keeping me healthy and forever young InshaAllah.Next I want to encourage my husband to consume this Jamu.


Its expensive but its worth it!I already consumed for two weeks and my body feels light and energetic, plus my regular constipation is gone.A few days ago I had bloated stomach, so I consumed Kraton....Alhamdulillah my stomach is now ok.


This high class Jamu is consistent with its royal name Kraton. Looks very premium.The tastes is just like the original Jamu, but nicer with mango juice.I love it.


Hi...This is my 1st time drinking Jamu kraton, it's delicious, with nice taste. My body feels refreshed the next morning. InshaAllah I want to keep it up as routine consumption.



Wassalam.Alhamdullilah I feels fresh and energetic after taking Jamu Kraton. It tastes so good. InshalAllah, there will be repeat order.Thanks Kraton!


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