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JAMU is a heritage herbal drink consumes by the Javanese for more than 1,300 years since the early age of the Javanese Mataram Kingdom as daily supplements for both men and women of all ages.  Traditionally, JAMU has been used for body detoxication, rejuvenation and to treat many illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart diseases, obesity, sexual dysfunction, infertility, menstruation pain, menstruation disorder and many others.  The word JAMU itself was derived from the words Jawa and ngramu (mixing ingredients) for which it becomes popular generic name of any herbal drinks within the Javanese communities.  

KRATON on the other hand refers to the Queen’s residence in a Royal Palace.  It’s here where the most beautiful Javanese Queen, princess and the aristocrat ladies meet and greet for generations that dated back to the Majapahit era.  There are abundant heritage of beauty and slimming products that originate from the KRATON, that also includes water garden of Taman Sari that houses the luxurious SPA for the Royal princess and their aristocrat friends.

Our Vision

It’s our vision to revive JAMU legacy to ensure this valuable herbal drink heritage is well preserved and continues to be consumed by the future generations.  However, there are challenges on producing standardized JAMU recipes.  JAMU is generally consumed by the entire Javanese communities at large, for which the recipes vary from person-to-person depending on their needs and experiences.  The type and quantity of ingredients was derived from traditional experience that’s relevant to each community.  Therefore, standardization of JAMU ingredients is almost impossible. 

Our Objective

Our objective is to emulate the KRATON best practices by producing standardized JAMU recipes that meets the most stringent requirements imposed by KKM (Ministry of Health of Malaysia) and SIRIM (Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) .  Our JAMU recipes are unique since we focus to reduce the bitterness taste of herbs that discourage consumptions.  The main compositions of our key ingredients such as curcuma longa (turmeric), red ginger, black pepper, tamarind and honey shall be standardized throughout the creation of other Jamu variations.  These standardized herbs concoction is nick-named as “Royal Drink” and the first and leading product shall be called “Kraton Asli” or in English “Kraton The Origin”. 


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