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Kraton Kurkuma

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KRATON KURKUMA (formerly known as Kraton Asli) is formulated from key ingredients that include turmeric (Curcuma Longa), red ginger, black pepper, tamarind, sinom, acacia fiber, mango, honey, palm sugar and iodized salt. These ingredients contain abundant wealth of minerals such as calcium, chromium, iron, iodine, potassium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, and magnesium. It’s also packed with various vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, E, and K.

Certification/Registration:  Kraton Herbal Drinks is registered with Malaysia Ministry of Health (KKM) under food and beverage category.  It was analysed and tested by Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) and confirmed rich in antioxidants with high Phenolic compound, and contains anti-diabetic/anti-obesity/skin lightening agents (please refer to SIRIM Reports under tab “Product info”).

Recommended Consumption:

25 ml twice (2) daily for 3 days for body detoxification

25 – 50 ml once (1) per day for health maintenance, immune and energy booster


Nutrition Comparison:  One Shot of 25 ml Concentrated Kraton Kurkuma is equivalent to about 200 ml of normal Turmeric drinks.  So, one bottle of 375 ml Kraton Kurkuma is equivalent to about 3,000 ml of Turmeric drinks that are sold commercially in supermarket/pharmacy/online stores.

Shake Well – Best when its Chilled

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KRATON ASLI ROYAL DRINK is specially formulated for both men and women of all ages as DETOXIFICATION AGENT and IMMUNE-BOOSTER.

Consuming Kraton Jamu Asli would assist in healing internal and external wounds, regulating metabolism, improving blood circulation, addresses infertility for women and virility for men.  It contains natural honey and many important bioactive compounds such as Curcumin, Gingerol, and Zingerone that act as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulants, anti-diabetic, anti-arthritis, anti-lipolytic, anti-diarrhoeic, and antispasmodic.  These compounds would address various daily health issues such as lethargy, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle pains, menstrual cramps, nausea and others.

Curcumin which is the main compound of Turmeric has natural anticoagulant (blood thinning) property that improves blood flow for individuals with high cholesterol and menstrual disorder.  Our Jamu Kraton Asli specifically includes black pepper that produces Piperine compound as enhancing agent for curcumin bio-availability. Piperine helps curcumin absorption more effectively into the bloodstreams.  In addition, the combination of both Piperine and Acacia fiber (WSDF), is a very effective natural slimming agent for weight loss and relieving constipation.

For flavoring, unrefined Palm Sugar is selected since it has low glucose content and health-friendly for diabetic patients. Iodized salt is specifically used as supplement for the development of thyroid hormones that regulate body metabolism. Thyroid hormone is required for proper bone and brain development during pregnancy and infancy.

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16 reviews for Kraton Kurkuma

  1. Razif

    Jamu ini sedap! Terbaik!

    This Jamu tastes good! The Best!

  2. Afeef

    Wow, it comes with Premium Packaging with specially designed box and glass bottle. Its like buying a premium Wine! Never saw Jamu being sold like this before. It tastes very good. Not bitter at all…just a bit of slight after taste of herbs….buts its ok. After all, this is Jamu. Before this I had tried a few variations of Jamu…..I hate all of them. This one I can surely consume daily. Thumbs Up “Jamu Kraton Asli”

  3. Jamu Street Reviewer

    Dapat satu box untuk review. Kotak dan Botol sangat cantik dari segi design dan warna….tau dah ni barang ada “harga” sebab paket luar je dah nampak sangat baik sekali. Rasa segelas 50 ml dulu takut tak habis. Bau wangi sampai tenggelam bau2 herba. Rasa sedap dan unik…susah nak cakap. Masam, manis, texture, macam jus…best. Tak tau camne dia org buat jadi macam ni. Simpan dalam fridge, malam saya minum lagi…lebih sedap minum sejuk. Kali ni terminum nambah sampai segelas penuh. Efek kesehatan tak tau lagi sebab baru sehari je minum. Best!

    I was given one box for review. The box and bottle are elegantly design and coloured....we know this good has "price" since the overall packaging is very nice. I tasted only one shot of 50 ml worrying that I may not able to finish it. It smells good that overwrites the normal herbal smell. It also tastes good and unique...hard to describe. Not sure how they formulate it as it is. I kept in my fridge, and consumed again...it tastes better when it's chilled. Without knowing it, I consumed a full glass. Not sure how it will impact on my health as I just consumed this for one day. Best!

  4. Princess

    Perbezaan ketara Jamu ni masih boleh rasa serat yang tinggal, memang boleh rasa keaslian tu. Saya ambil selama 4 hari berturut dan tak rasa nak kudap-kudap tu. Bila buat kerja rumah berpeluh banyak saya suka rasa detok semula jadi ni.

    The most significant differences on this Jamu is that you can feel the fibrous residue, giving the original feel and taste. I consumed it for 4 days and I don't feels tiredness. I sweats a lot whenever I do home chores, the feeling of natural detoxification.

  5. Wan

    Kotak cantik. Sangat exclusive. Utk rasa pula, manis2 herba sikit. Baru cuba 2 kali, tapi boleh rasa keberkesanan pada tubuh.

    Nice packaging. Looks exclusive. It tastes a bit like sweetened herbal drinks. I tried twice, and can feel the positive impact on my body

  6. Mahathir (Media Prima)

    Bagus sebab badan rasa segar dan tak ngantuk2 ketika waktu petang. Rasa fresh sepanjang hari. Plus, cukup senang buang air besar sknrg. Isteri juga ikut minum dan skrng kami kena bercatu nak minum…tak cukup sampai sebulan dah habis! –

    This is good since my body feels fresh without sleepiness in the afternoon. Feels fresh all day. Plus, it eases passing motion too. My wife follows consuming this Jamu and now we have to share....we finished the bottle within less than a month!

  7. Shima

    Cuba sebotol untuk sebulan….tau2 rasa sakit mencucuk tapak kaki ketika nak berdiri dari bangun tidur dah berangsur hilang. Mula2 minum suka2 sebab dapat free. Skrng jadi routine pulak….mujarab untuk saya.

    I consumed a trial bottle for one month....all I know, I realised that the pinching pain as if there needles poked on my foot every time I get up from bed is now slowly disappearing. Initially I consumed this for a free bottle. Now, it's a routine consumption...effective for me.

  8. Baharuddin, Kiara Mas

    Sembelit terus hilang, badan rasa fresh sepanjang hari tanpa rasa ngantuk.

    Constipation is now gone, my body feels fresh all day without sleepiness

  9. Hashim, Keramat

    Saya diberí 1 botol sebagai percubaan….Jamu ni sedap diminum dan tak perlu minum banyak spt jamu2 lain. Cukup 25 -50 ml dah ada rasa segar badan. Skrng saya semangat nak jalan2 sebab tak rasa ngantuk2 diwaktu petang. Sesuai untuk org macam saya yang umur dah lebih 70 tahun, buat badan rasa ringan dan bertenaga.

    I was given a free trial bottle....Unlike others, this Jamu tastes good and doesn't require large amount. I consume between 25 - 50 ml and my body refreshed. Now I feel excited for afternoon walk as I don't feel sleepy anymore. It fits me well at this age of 75, where my body feels light and energetic

  10. Ati @ Bukit Jalil

    Saya minum Jamu Kraton ni setiap hari sebanyak 25 – 50 ml. Badan terus rasa segar dan bertenaga sepanjang hari. Skrng boleh main “skipping” tak renti2 tau!

    I consumes Jamu Kraton daily for between 25 - 50 ml. My body feels fresh and energetic all day. Now I can perform non-stop skipping!

  11. Nurul, Teluk Intan

    Saya perasan berat badan saya dah mula kurang setelah minum Jamu Kraton Asli selama 1 bulan…turun dalam 3-4 kilo. Plus, badan sentiasa bertenaga dan segar sepanjang masa. Rasa ngantuk2 petang tak de dah ni.

    I noticed weight loss after consuming Jamu Kraton Asli for one month...reduced by 3-4 kilo. Plus, I feels fresh and energetic all day. Sleepiness during late afternoon is now gone.

  12. Jan de Vries, Gorinchem Holland

    I love this new Curcuma Juice. It tastes good and easy to consume. Kind of addictive once you tried….nice product all the way from Malaysia!

  13. Han Jansen, Rotterdam

    I visited The MAP (Medicinal, Aromatics and Plants) Expo in nearby town Gorinchem. Surprised to see a product from Malaysia called Kraton Asli which is actually a concoction of herbal juice with prime ingredients using Curcuma Longa (Turmeric), Red Ginger and Black Pepper plus 6 others. In Netherland we drink Curcuma as tea or we add as spice in our food. Kraton is actually concentrated Curcuma based herbal drink where you take as one shot of 25-50 ml versus one full glass. It tastes pleasantly good and I bought 1 bottle. Nicely packed in sturdy box protecting the glass bottle. I came back in late afternoon to buy a couple more bottles….it’s completely sold out! Can’t wait for the official product launch in Holland.

  14. Ronnie, Gorinchem

    I am a Dutch with Indonesian blood line that ties back to my Javanese origin. I drinks Jamu all the time as continued tradition within our families. I am surprised to see a Malaysian company is now selling premium Jamu directly in Holland. We found them at the recent MAP Expo on 3-4 March 2023. It’s highly concentrated and you need only 25-50 ml per shot, as if you are drinking expresso. Tastes good and yummy. That was the free sample shot. I came back in the afternoon to get a few bottles. They ran out of stock! I came back the next day, they only have 6 bottles for sampling only. It was a disappointment indeed…..but not long after that they looked for me and gave me two bottles! I am very excited and look forward for the official product launch in Holland.

  15. Anna Sofia, The Netherlands

    I regularly have very heavy legs. I came into contact with Kraton Asli through the massage fair in Gorinchem in the spring of 2023. I was lucky enough to be able to buy a few bottles so I could test it out. In my experience, after about two weeks of using just 25 cc a day, my tired legs felt a lot less tired. I also noticed that my energy throughout the day was in a good balance.
    I would like to use this product more often.

  16. Bert, Voorschoten – The Netherlands

    For several years I have been using Turmeric capsules and drops to keep my body supple. Recently, a relative gave me a bottle of Kraton Asli turmeric drink. What a relief this is: this drink makes me feel better…it’s more effective than my capsules and drops. The first week I took 50 ml, the second week 25 ml Kraton Asli drink. After more than a week I already noticed relaxation of my muscles (especially my knees and shoulders).
    Unfortunately my bottle is now finished, but I look forward to the moment that Kraton Asli is available for sale in the Netherlands.

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