Sales Agency Program


At Kraton, we belief in your capabilities in reaching out to customers that are beyond our reach.  This sales agency program will certainly add values to our expansion plan, while benefitting you with cash rewards.

Below are four (4) type of Sales Agency Programs that you may choose:







You are our customer that likes our products so much that you want to share the benefits with your friends.  Well, we appreciate your gesture, and we want to share the benefits with you too!  Not just the products benefits but also in the form of discount vouchers that you can use from time to time.

This customer referral program is open to all customers and will automatically enabled once you sign up as a member.

We shall equip you a dedicated shop link that carries your identification as a specific Kraton Affiliate to ensure all sales from this link will be monitored to benefit you.

The benefits of an Affiliate member include the following:

  1. Up to 10% commission when you refer a buying customer
  2. Personalized Web Link with Unique Identifier as Kraton Affiliate
  3. Affiliate report page to get the link and monitor referrals
  4. Ocassional Discount Voucher
  5. Continuous Digital Marketing by Kraton from time to time


  1. Only one discount voucher to be used on each product. However, discount voucher can be used as additional discount on already discounted product.
  2. Please ensure your customers purchase our products using the dedicated web link that is created for you as affiliate member. If they use our general link or others, the sales will not be registered into your account.

*Affiliate registration will be automatic when you sign up for a regular membership account in our website



You are an enterprising person who have a respectable pool of customers that buy product(s) based on your recommendation and promotion activities. You might have full time job elsewhere and being an active agent for a particular product helps to increase your monthly income.

We welcome your business enterprising skills and willing to provide you with a great opportunity as a small time reseller (Kraton Archers) at attractive discount from 30% onwards depending on your stocks commitment.  You are required to have your own small capital with minimal stock commitment of 12 pax as an entry level stockist.  This is a limited time opportunity for startup reseller.  Future Kraton Archers will be required to take up bigger stocks and promoted as Kraton Distributors (with higher discount).

Your customer focus segment shall be those that interacted with you directly and rarely (or never) purchase products over the web or online channels.  They are your friends, family members, neighbours, office collegues and acquaintances.     It is very important for you to keep in touch with your customers and provide regular after sales services as we do not want them to help themselves over online channels.  Please note that it is our policy that we will not compete with our agents/distributors.  Nevertheless, we cannot stop customers from visiting our website/sales funnel.  To ensure your sales are protected, our offer for products discount shall only be open to Kraton Members.  Furthermore, we will ensure that the discount offers on the web will be lower than your costs.  

The benefits of Kraton Archers include the following:

  1. High Sales Margin 
  2. Free Product Brochures (soft copy and hard copies)
  3. Continuous Digital Marketing by Kraton
  4. Mass Media Advertisements that include Outdoor Digital Billboards, TV and Radio marketing during promotional period 


Ideally you are a popular public figure with many followers over social media like Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and others.  Your inter-personal skills and charms can be utilized as tools in marketing our products effectively.  You may create your own blog, video clips, and other marketing tools and post it in a dedicated “funnel” with your own identifier (issued by Kraton). 

Sales proceeds will go into our accounts with unique funnel identifier.  At the end of each month a report will be generated for your review and reconciliation.

The benefits of Ambassador include the following:

  • One time Ambassador Fee for which the amount is negotiable.
  • Supports of Funnels Creation by our authorized vendor at our costs.
  • Commission Fee (negotiable rates) for each successful sales generated from your funnel, if you opted to waive the ambassador fee.


Ideally, you are an experienced distributor with enormous business networks with various sales channels and retail supply chains across the city, states and even nationwide.  You have your own capital for inventory purchases and shipment infrastructures for fast and efficient products delivery. 

We like your credibility, and we don’t mind offering you attractive products discount to ensure our products are reachable into areas that are beyond our reach. 

Distributor shall be rewarded with significant product discount. The discount rates are negotiable and directly depending on committed sales volume. 

Our customer support team is here to answer your questions. Ask us anything!